The Antichrist… pt1

As previously discussed, disfellowshipping is put in place by the organisation as a safeguard, designed to stop existing members of the congregation from being misled by wrongdoers who are still claiming to be members of the flock.  My mother made her decisions based on the principals that are set out in the Jehovah’s Witness publications, it took her and my father a long time to do so, but they made the choice based entirely on the interpretations of the Witnesses of these few scriptures.  I want to go a little further in depth about the reasoning behind this choice for two reasons; firstly, so that you as the reader can fully understand and ascertain just what the Bible and the faith say on the issue, allowing you the opportunity to make your own mind up.  I don’t feel that it’s my place to promote a judgement based on my feelings over the beliefs of others.  Secondly, this will hopefully help me get my head round this part of it.  As a result of this, I feel it is necessary  to split this up into a two part section, purely due to the fact that there is a lot of information and reasoning to cover in one blog.

The scriptures do offer advice on many occasions with regard to keeping the congregation “clean” in the eyes of God.  However as I have already claimed, it nowhere advocates such strictness in the matter, merely it gives sound advice with regard to dealing with problems in the flock.  It tells us that if there is a possibility of some kind of deception going on…Then to remove it from the congregation, to guard against it from leading others astray but, never does it say to completely cut off any form of relationship whatsoever.

Going back to the first scripture quoted from 2 John, This was a letter written to the first century Christian congregation.  Scholars agree that it was a warning against “the Antichrist”, effectively people who were deceiving the members of the congregation by suggesting that Jesus was not of the flesh, that perhaps the “Messiah” or Saviour was a state of mind, or even that he was still to come in some form.  Evidently this must have been something of a problem to the early followers of Christ.  At that time they were few in number and surrounded by Jews who refused to believe that the Saviour had come.  So this letter was a warning and an encouragement not to entertain these people, and as quoted previously “never receive him into YOUR homes or say a greeting to him”.  This is a very specific case and was referring only to those people who were advocating such ideas referred to as the Antichrist, it then fails to elaborate as to how this should affect Christians who were living or who had to work with such people etc.  I personally find it impossible to understand how this then translates into all the rules and regulations regarding the practice of disfellowshipping…

A wolf with a sheep's covering


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