Bad associations spoil useful habits!

In order for me to have remained a witness and been able to have a relationship with my now Wife, under the rules of the organisation she would have to first become a witness also. The organisation has strong thoughts on this matter. They use the bible’s advice to justify their reasons in dissuading its members from having association with someone who is not of the faith!  They use scriptures such as: 1 Corinthians 15:33 which states that:  “Bad associations spoil useful habits…”  They believe that people of the world are bad associations and if they don’t hold the same beliefs they can lead you to ruin.  They then continue to reason that, if this is the case would it really be a good idea to get involved in a relationship with someone of the world?  The important thing to understand at this point is that the witnesses feel that although people may believe in “God” and have very similar values, they are followers of “false religion”!  They firmly believe that they worship the “one true God” and all other aspects of Christianity are set up by Satan to mislead the masses, so whilst people think they are following God, according to the witnesses, the antithesis of this in actual fact is the case.

So, after meeting my Wife the whole idea of remaining in the witness faith would have been out of the question as far as the organisation was concerned.  The only thing for it was to follow my heart and indeed my head and make the seemingly difficult decision to leave the faith…

This was ultimately quite an easy decision to make.  I soon realised that as discussed in previous blogs, the idea of there being nothing beyond the witness faith was simply not the case.  I ended up with a good group of friends outside of the religion and ultimately a loving wife.  The only thing that was going to be awkward was my parents disappointment in my decision.  As I have already explained they brought me up with the highest of hopes but evidently it was not to be!  My only hope was that they would respect my decision and also the reasons for making it. My parents are on the whole, respectful and level headed people they are pretty normal to acquaintances who know little of the religious side of them… So you would assume that they would be perhaps not thrilled about the whole thing, but in the long run would be accepting of my choices…  Yet again this was not entirely to be the case…

Soon after I had made my choice known both to my family and my then friends, the congregation elders decided to get involved.  They visited where I was living and began to make a huge issue out of what was going on.  From my point of view I felt this was wholly un-necessary.  They get very protective over the good name of the religion, this again is only fair, as no one wants their good name besmirched in any way.  They have a religious discipline in place in the form of disfellowshipping, this is designed to safeguard fellow believers and also to avoid any damage to their name.  However, in my instance I had told everyone who was involved just what my feelings were.  I was at that time no longer telling people that I was a member of the faith, so from my perspective I was in no position to do any damage by my actions or otherwise to the religion, plus the fact that I had no intentions of doing anything the religion stated was a sin.  Despite all of these factors they felt it would be appropriate to disfellowship me!  It is crucial at this point that you know a little about just what disfellowshipping means and the subsequent implications…

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2 Responses to Bad associations spoil useful habits!

  1. Joanne Jordan says:

    more more more!

  2. The suspense is KILLING ME.

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