A non-witness friend of mine once said that I should never start “digging” with this, because if I value my faith I won’t like what I will find.  I was struggling with any kind of faith at this point and what he said was more than true…  It’s the easiest thing to pick holes in a theory or even something widely accepted as a truth, however if it is a solid fact backed up with evidence there will be no way you can pick holes in it, otherwise it has to remain a theory, so for me, the best the witness faith or any form of religion could ever be is a theory. True enough the more I asked the questions that “you’re not really meant to ask” the more I found things wrong with the beliefs. Faith is described as a confidence or trust in a person or entity, for me the faith was gone when I lost the trust in what was allegedly “the inspired word of God”. Another word for faith is disambiguation, so if something is considered ambiguous then you cannot possibly put true faith in it. Again this is a personal thing, some people can put trust and faith in something that is sketchy or ambiguous, if they can do this and it works for them it would be wrong for me to judge them for that as this is not the aim of this blog!

To illustrate my point… I have faith that the sun will rise every day, science can show me evidence of the processes involved and the how’s and why’s, yet we still cannot say for certain that it will happen, as none of us can see into the future, but we have that faith on the matter due to the strong  evidence provided. If  however the evidence was flawed and wide open to scrutiny then surely we would struggle to put faith in it or trust it for that matter.

So for me this was the turning point, the stage at which I began to doubt the faith.  However, I continued on with going to the meetings despite my heart not being in it. From this one instance of obscurity I found in the teachings that the witnesses refer to as “the truth”, all manner of questions began to arise.  This all took place about three years before I actually left the faith. You may ask why I took so long to get out?  In order for me to answer this question I must first explain to you the consequences of that seemingly simple step…

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Mother and daughter feeding a bear

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4 Responses to Digging

  1. Sam says:

    I know what you mean about faith. You use inductive reasoning to have ‘faith’ that the sun is going to rise, as it has happened every other day. It’s not really faith though. Not in the same way as religious faith, as that means belief in something in the absence of any evidence.

  2. Pete says:

    Rational reasoned thought and the scientific method involves the process of constantly testing and revising theories in the light of new evidence, while faith makes a virtue out of believing unprovable and often improbable propositions.

  3. davereekie says:

    My issue is that I form “faith” through means of evidence, you could develop faith in some of the un-explainable things in the bible by means of the evidence provided by the explainable and provable things, even at that level there is a basis for faith, you build up a trust of it, however if that trust is lost for any reason then faith becomes difficult to build… faith in the absence of any evidence is effectively “blind faith” and for me personally that is the same as having a stab in the dark… if you get my meaning?

  4. simoncampbell says:

    Loving it mate, and the build up. You should certainly write a book…

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