Allow me to explain first of all the witness view on this matter and then you will have a clue as to where I am coming from.

They would have you believe that God and Jesus were in heaven after having just created everything, the earth, the universe, all that we know, including Adam and Eve. The original couple were made perfectly had free will and lived in a paradise garden on earth. They were given the commission to become fruitful and subdue the earth (the obvious question at this point is, how does that work?  Surely their children would have to procreate, and we know the disastrous consequences of that don’t we?  But that isn’t the question I am getting at) now, at this point God was in heaven with all the angels and one of these angels, said to be an archangel decided he would challenge God’s authority, i.e. he thought he could do a better job, he then started the whole thing with the apple (a story I hope we all know well) at this point God decided to give him a shot, due to the fact that Adam and Eve had let him down, they subsequently then lost the perfection that they were made with and all other generations afterwards  would have the same affliction.  This, according to the witnesses and many other faiths explains why we all grow old and die and why we are all imperfect… allegedly.

So to re-cap at this point God decided to let this angel (identified as Satan or Lucifer or whatever the various different versions of the bible say) have a go at running the earth. Since this has happened Satan has realised it is futile to try and compete as ultimately god will win, so now he is intent on misleading and bringing the rest of humanity down with him in some kind of vengeful act!   Now, why would God allow him do this?

If you were in charge of a company and you thought you were the best at running it, and then say another employee approaches you to tell you that he can do a better job, you might be tempted to say “ok go for it” safe in the knowledge that they will make a mess of things and thus prove beyond a shadow of a doubt to everyone, that you are and always have been the man for the job.

This is pretty much how the witnesses would have us believe that it went down, all the suffering in the world is a by-product of satanical rule over mankind, a result of God proving his sovereignty to all the other Angels.  By offering the devil the chance to rule over man ultimately they believe he will be proved right.  They offer the hope that at some point God will say enough is enough and step in with Armageddon, at this time all the wicked ones will be destroyed forever, with no mention of suffering in hellfire and eternal damnation… Just destruction in Gehenna, which they believe is the common grave, those who have been faithful to God and have passed away will be resurrected to a paradise earth and those who are faithful and still around  will get to live on forever with those who have been brought back. It sounds good doesn’t it?  However to me it threw up a number of alarming questions, questions that would ultimately force me into making one of the most difficult decisions of my life so far!

Scenes that cause distress

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3 Responses to Questions…?

  1. simoncampbell says:

    Oh God, the suspense!!!

  2. Sam says:

    Didn’t know anything about the Devil being given a turn in running things. It is confusing. Why did God punish Adam and Eve when they ate from the Tree of Knowledge? They didn’t know right and wrong until they ate from the Tree. They could not have none better.

    • davereekie says:

      if you want to know a bit more in depth.. check out the witness website,, they explain the whole thing on there, it’s certainly an eye opener

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