Blind faith

The second part of the Thursday night meeting was a series of instructional talks based around various subjects, all designed to help us out with hopefully whatever it was that could be a cause for concern in our lives.

Both myself and my sister have since said that we used to dread Thursday evenings as we had to go through to Douglas and sit in the kingdom hall for two hours, as a small child this I remember as being quite boring, the only redeeming thing was the fact you got to have a catch up with your friends afterwards.

As I grew older and gained a better knowledge and understanding of the faith I was able to participate in the meetings more and join in the question and answer items where possible, this did help to alleviate some of the boredom of having to sit there for  all that time. But there was always that hatred of Thursdays, once I got to high school it began to become more apparent to me that having to do this chore on a Thursday evening was not ideal. I would get in to school on a Friday morning and my mates would ask did I see “that telly programme” last night or did I catch the football game etc., and always my answer would be no, then I would have to go through the task of explaining to them why  and so on. This at times left me feeling isolated and a bit of an outsider. Now the witnesses take on this is that you should feel proud that you are different and an outsider as the bible states that you should be “no part of the world “ and  that you would “become objects of hatred on my account”, well from my point of view I didn’t want to be an outsider, I just (like most people) wanted to feel accepted, perhaps not by everyone but at least by the people that I was closest to. The witnesses also drum into you that you need to draw close to Jehovah, they would almost have that as a running theme… now the problem with this for me has always been that I struggle to put faith in something or form a relationship with someone I have no contact with. Sure I read books and like many people admire a character, but at the end of the book I am fully aware that they are still a character and not real therefore I don’t have a relationship with them, so for me he was not real.

I never formed a relationship with god I have never spoken to him and I have never been shown tangible evidence of his existence. Now people may argue the opposite by saying things such as look at the good that goes on in the world and even look at the world its beautifully made, that in itself is evidence of gods existence. For me that doesn’t make sense, for as much good as there is in the world there is just as much bad, and science can explain most of the worlds existence in a way that is far more tangible. So with all this in mind it has been something I have never been able to do, I cannot form a relationship with god. I have felt that way for such a long time, being totally immersed in the Jehovah’s witness world  you just cant say that… it doesn’t go down well if you understand what I mean.

People praying in various circumstances

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12 Responses to Blind faith

  1. simoncampbell says:

    This is fantastic honest stuff Dave. I hang on every word.

    • davereekie says:

      thanks simon, we’ll have to have a drink and a catch up soon dude

    • Bonzo Slater says:

      Well, I’m one of these chaps who takes Pascal’s Wager (typical policy Civil Servant!) but as Simon this is riveting stuff old chap..I didn’t know about your background in religion. B xx

      • davereekie says:

        where the gambit falls down to me, is … do we really need to know if god exists, we have “human traits” and our nature which gives us that sense of right and wrong, it is my humble opinion that god is an invention of man… it is driven by our “need to know” which leads us to make stuff up when we dont understand it.. we need something to explain it all… we believed the earth was supported on the back of a turtle and that the earth was flat, also that the earth was the centre of the universe.. until science proved them wrong and we had an understanding… the same applies to the complex question of why we are here and how we got here… science hasnt fully explained how we got here, and is probably never to explain our purpose (if indeed we actually have one!) however all nations have a “god” figure which absolves them of having to understand these questions, however as science progresses and the first question is answered beyond doubt then the whole creation theory falls flat and “god” is no longer required… i could be totally wrong, and probably am… but i think the gambit thing is something that is not needed in the sense that maybe we dont need to know our origins and purpose, we could spend all our lives wondering, so switch off a little and enjoy ourselves 😉

  2. Scott says:

    Dave, if this is all leading up to a cliff hanger /revelation that you have now joined the Church of Scientology, then i’m afraid we can no longer be friends. I don’t play well with Xenu.
    ok.. just messing. (or am i….)
    seriously though – great read and i look forward to reading more.

  3. Katie says:

    I wish you would use apostrophes in the right places. Anyway, regarding the existence of God… no doubt we’ll all find out eventually one way or the other so no-one can be proven to be right or wrong until that day… and I hope i’m right… you know I hate being wrong. xx

    • davereekie says:

      i’m saving all my apostrophes for the blog my love… that is precisely pascals gambit… no one knows… but he advocates hedging your bets, which is a bit odd.. i’d love it if you were right too, i guess we’ll find out when we grow old and die, hopefully not for a long time 😉 we have a few more holidays i want to get in before then xxxx

  4. Kris says:

    Pascal’s wager hinges upon the supposition that we would like to spend eternity with the twisted kind of god that would have us choose to belive in him cynically in order to cover our own backs rather than admit we have no faith. I would personally rather spend eternity in the firey place than one minute in heaven with the kind of god described in the King James Bible. What could be worse than spending eternity with that total bastard?

  5. I’d say that the problem is not whether there is or isn’t a God (I’m a card-carrying long-term Atheist myself), rather our inability to define, describe and understand something which is both utterly divine and utterly outwith our sphere of experience and ability to comprehend. Any attempt to describe God or the will of God has to be made with human language and thought which is completely unsuited to the task. For any theologists/priests etc to pretend to be able to do so would generally utterly at odds with established religious orthodoxy if they actually bothered to look into the fine print. But sense and genuine humility have never really been part of the argument. This is why, for example, The Bible is filled with contradictions and patent nonsense (Leviticus, Job, etc) because we’re simply too thick to be able to define or truly understand the will of a being like the Christian/Jewish/Muslim God.

    IMHO, at any rate.

    Great blog, Dave!

    • davereekie says:

      thank you phil, glad you are enjoying it… you have an extremely valid point in that.

      • Cheers. Obviously, being a Godless heathen, it always feels a bit weird to comment on the concept of divinity, but again and a gain, I see “religious” people missing th epoint or at least being selective about which dogma they choose to follow. For instance, either the Bible is ALL the word of God, or it isn’t. pretty basic, really!

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