When my parents first took up the religion they were newly married and were starting out with a little family in the 80’s here on the Isle of Man. My mother previously had dealings with the witnesses as her parents dabbled with it in the 70’s but never really stuck to it, as it didn’t fit in with their ideals and lifestyle, so she knew a few of the local witnesses quite well. When they called round on their ministry they were welcomed in to the home readily. This gave them an opportunity to perform the carrot and stick routine for this young family, by showing them a few images of wickedness in the world and then showing them various artist’s impressions of paradise, what young family wouldn’t want their kids to grow up in a world where there was no hit and run’s, where there was no more dictators, no more wars and most importantly no more worries? Slowly but surely they were reeled in to a religion that professed to be normal but underneath is fundamentally flawed.

This was to be my life growing up, all I knew was this religion, I was taught all there is to know about the bible from cover to cover; there was so many things to learn and study, the study aids were numerous, there was and still is a 200+ page book for every topic that the bible covers they had everything sewn up… all the answers, but I walked away when I was 24, what would make someone who had such an extensive biblical knowledge and a bible-based upbringing  just leave it all behind?


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6 Responses to …continued

  1. peter says:

    bloody hell. Koalas are dangerous, never mind tigers. I’m happier we live in scenario one. Much safer. Thanks for sharing Dave. I look forward to the rest. I hope it exorcises a few demons for you.

  2. You have me hooked too now Dave, looking forward to your next missive. Reading them from the point of view of someone who is still trying to decide which paths to follow and whether to bother with religion at all (am leaning towards the “straw” view at the moment, I like that one). I still don’t even know what I want to do when I leave school!

    • davereekie says:

      I wont ever try to give a biased view, I am trying to be as fair as I can in writing this, inevitably its going to come across a little one sided due to my personal view, but i’m not going to try and brutally assassinate the faith, but I now swing the other way… religion is an individual thing for you to decide on, however I would sway you away from the witnesses, they have a lot of stuff wrong, as do mainstream faiths, I think a lot of people justify it to themselves by saying they want to follow the guidelines and be “good to god”, I’m all for that, scientifically you cannot rule out god, so if people want to believe they should go for it, what I don’t like is preaching it to others without first having a full understanding of all sides of the story. Be a fireman andy 🙂

  3. sanna sievanen says:

    I red this book The shack by Paul Young. It is really really good book about what GOD meant religion to be.

  4. simoncampbell says:

    This is great stuff and look forward to the next edition!!! I remember talking with you in the Creek for two hours about this. Fascinating.

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