This is not an attack on religion

I have recently received a letter from my mother… this I will come to later, for now all you need to know is that she has effectively disowned me!!!

I know, its pretty heavy! But this blog has sprouted from an idea given to me by a close friend Trevor Gibbs, the purpose is to get it all off my chest and the process will hopefully help me “get my head round it all”… So here goes.

It all started a long time ago… and now it has come to this! Is it some form of madness that maybe I am immune to?

I am writing this to try to get my head around what has actually gone on, most of the reasoning for decisions made I can understand to a point, but something niggles at me… something big!

I know it’s a massive cliché to say the least but… “let’s go back to the start…

My name is David George Reekie (I know, a target was already painted on my back with a surname like that) my earliest memories have all revolved around being a Jehovah’s Witness, it’s all I have ever known, I was born in to the faith and it was a huge part of my life from day one. As the letter from my mother (to follow soon) shows, all they wanted was the best for me, this I believe is pretty much an instinctive reaction for all parents, despite not being a parent myself I fully understand why they chose the path they did.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses get a bad press and have done for a long time, even Hitler wanted them gone! Despite this generally speaking they are not a bad bunch on the whole; they all have good morals and values etc. And they mostly do it for the right reasons. All they want is for God’s prophecies to come true, that one day god will rid the earth of all evil and they will live forever on a paradise earth, which to be honest sounds superb. However in my opinion and it is vital that you as the reader understand that it is my opinion, which is an informed one, not something composed purely of hearsay, that they are frighteningly misled. I would love it if they were right and we could all live in a world where there is no more pain and suffering and all the things wrong with the world will end, but… and it is a huge but, they are wrong.  This I will come to later on, but for now all you need to know is my parents thought they were doing the best thing they could.

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21 Responses to This is not an attack on religion

  1. simoncampbell says:

    Looking forward to the next edition Dave!!!

  2. sanna sievanen says:

    Good idea Dave hope it helps:) In my view God is all that is good. He/she wouldnt ask people to harm each other under his name. As long as people are true to themselves they are true to him/her.

  3. Joanne Jordan says:

    Look forward to reading more ……..why does religion cause so many arguments/wars/fights? We would all love a perfect world x

  4. davereekie says:

    Religion is alot like communism…In the sense that it works on paper, but then you bring people into the equation and it all goes wrong.

    • sanna sievanen says:

      That’s exactly what I thought. God is the thought it self, but people have written the paper. If you know what I mean.

  5. Scott says:

    Crack on sir….
    – I tried chossing a religion once. It was a lot like choosing a straw for my drink. There were so many types and colours, it was hard to try and choose which was best; bendy ones, light up ones, novelty ones etc etc. After a while i said fuck it and walked away with my drink.
    It still tasted the same without the damn straw.

  6. danny platt says:

    A brave step Dave. I admire the honesty and self awareness of your approach. Religion is something that i have always struggled with and at times it has troubled me deeply. Very interested to hear your feelings…. I will follow this with interest mate.

  7. Kris says:

    The things we do and can know are so much more interesting than random postulation about that which we know nothing. I think the saying goes:

    The bottom of my garden is fascinating enough without my having to believe that it is inhabited by fairies.

  8. Dee Dee Haines says:

    Dialogue is a good thing.

  9. Gus G says:

    My wife and I both left the JW’s almost 10 years ago now. Best decision we ever made. We are happy now as atheists and never were while we had that religious yoke of “the truth” around our necks. We didn’t even bother with the meeting with the Elders because we pretty much knew the way it would go. Eventually I just got sick of them trying to meet with me, and wrote them the big kiss off letter, effective disassociating myself. Man, was it ever a relief when I dropped that letter in the mail box. Rock on.

  10. silivrien says:

    conflict with parents is Hell on Earth, so sorry Dave. My mum cut me off too, but she missed me and we sorted it out. Hope you can find a way without the JW getting in the way. Looking forward to more

  11. Steph says:

    I will be looking forward to the next post too. I bet there’s many more too ‘scared’ to leave a reply, so good on you for having the guts.

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  13. says:

    I have been absent recently, but came back on [date. It’s made me remember why I loved this blog so much.
    Thanks for keeping it going, I’m gonna start checking back more regularly. How frequently do you post on your site these days?

    • davereekie says:

      I haven’t posted for a good while now, I’m trying to get a manuscript for a book sorted… thank you for reading though its very much appreciated and good to know that you like it, I may have a look at posting some stuff soon in between writing a dissertation.

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